How do I get monthly statement?

Does fizz send bill for each month? where can I get it?


  • No bill , they take the payment each month that's it. But you can access your contract in your account.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    In your Fizz account, under my plans, there is a "transaction history" button, with a list of your transactions available from there. If you need to keep track of the bills, that's the closest you'll get.
  • Digital only company. No paper bills. Keeps costs down. You can find your account details as well as transaction info on the website after you login.
  • That's not a feature that is currently available unfortunately. Definitely need to add it to the wish list. You will have to manually go into My Plans> Transaction History and take a screen shot or print to a pdf file and save it. On the bright side, they have made the receipt clearer with detailed information now.
  • Go to transactions and use print to PDF (build in chrome browser).
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