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Mobile+internet pricing?

Is there a package for combining mobile and internet 120mbps?


  • Sadly not, but it could be a good suggestion for Fizz!
  • Md U. #2268
    Md U. #2268 Posts: 108
    That would be amazing to have a packaged bundle
  • No, you need get it separately. Also you don't have internet 120m in most area in Ottawa (except rockland).
  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,940
    Internet is still in beta and is on invitation only
  • Ré
    Posts: 16
    No package price ,but it could be a good suggestion for Fizz.
  • Oury
    Oury Posts: 233
    No package bundle yet but they might consider it once it is no longer a invitation only system.
  • Fizz is good :) !
  • Gualberto
    Gualberto Posts: 340
    No bundle. Already so cheap.
  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 243
    Nope, 2 different thing
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