Added new payment method and have not been charged yet so data does not work, why??

I need help


  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Posts: 2,127
    Did you put you new payment method by default? Otherwise it's still keeping from the previous payment method
  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Posts: 2,127

    You need to go to My Plans, then Manage Plans and Payment Method I'm affraid it won't be fix before 4:00 when system will try to take your payment again. But I will recommand you to chat with Fizz asap.


    @Fizz : Could you please make us allow to edit payment method and select the payment method by default at the same place on the same place? I got trouble when trying to delete my previous payment method and I communicated with chat about it. For me it's fixed, but I see it's confusing for a lot of people who are seeing their account locked, but they updated their payment method. That need to be addressed! They updated their CC infos, but their accounts are locked!

  • M T. #338
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    The payment is only applied once a day late in the evening.
    Unfortunately you will have to wait until tonight
  • DinoS
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    Wait overnight. 11pm to 5am next day.
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