How can I setup real custom firewall rules on the Hitron router ?


I would like to do with my new Hitron router the same thing I did with my 15 years old USRobotics router: create my own firewall rules.

Example -

  • block all inbound
  • allow all outbound
  • open few ports with port forwarding - (this I was able to do it)

When I do an online scan I want to see all ports filtered/stealth (excep the ones I decided myself to keep open).

A closed port is not an option as a hacker scan will identify that this is a valid IP.

Am I missing something or the Maximum, Typical , Minimum and Custom cannot offer this customization?

I was thinking of port forwarding all the "closed" ports to fake IPs but it's not an elegant solution.

Thank you in advance !



  • samisheikh
    samisheikh Posts: 192
    What you're looking for is an IPS firewall in a Modem/Router. You should get either PFsense or Opensense router.
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