sim has been block and no puk number os 5144xxx. my koodo nip is 13xx. can toi activate?

i actvated my sim card and it tells me that the sim network has been blocked and i have to put the network puk while i can find it nowhere. I post my koodo network as à result or the port out and i cant cant have fizz network. no network the wholr day and i am waiting for my calls from hospital. it is urgent. i called videotron they cant help. i looked in all commercial center and there is no physical entity and you have no phone customer service. it starts very bad. can you activate me before you leave. call me if need on my friend's number 438xxxxxx. my Phone number is 514xxxxxx and my sim card number is 89302xxxxxx1. My name is Mostafa Mobtahij and my koodo nip is 13xx. my koodo account is 32xxxxx. it is extremely urgent!!!!


  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    It sounds like your phone is locked to koodo's network? Have you tried contacting them to unlock it?
  • Call Koodo to have your phone unlock... its free. They will walk you trhough the unlocking process.
    Once unlocked you can then put your Fizz sim card and put the code Koodo provided you .
    Good luck
  • ReneD
    ReneD Posts: 1,810
    Your phone is more likely locked to Koodo's network. DO NOT USE the Fizz PUK code it will lock your phone for good after too many attempt.
    Call Koodo for their unlock code, it's free!
    Also, be careful not put any personal info here, it's a public forum everyone can see.
    Chizz :))
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