Wifi is limited to 20Mhz

Looks like wifi bandwith is limited to 20MHz no matter what setting I chose in settings. For example settings say 40MHz while wifi analyzer shows only 20Mhz and status->wireless confirms all bands are only 20MHz. How to fix that?


  • Sebastien
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    Are you with 2.4 or 5 ghz? 5 ghz is most suitable when there's many routers in the neighbooroud (
    no matter the supplier, they all use the same frequencies) and for small places, like condos, appartements, etc. 2.4 goes further, so will work better on sigle family house. Most laptops have only 2.4 ghz networks adapter unfortunately. But most of today smartphones have both.
  • The Hitron modem seems to be plagued by the nice guy syndrome, on mine the WIFI channel and width keeps changing on it's own I suppose to avoid interference but it always end up on a worst one, the Bell Hubs/Sagemcom around seems to be the bully and the Hitron just end up in a corner...Fizz really should provision the option to disable whatever the modem is doing, ACS/DCC (Automatic Channel Selection/Dynamic Channel Change)? Or give us back the control just like with ATF, DFS (is it really disabled?) and Band steering.
    The hardware appears to be nice but the software (or the options) needs tweaking.
    I mean this is not an new piece of equipment, Rogers have had it for some time now, you'll think they would have worked out all the quirks by now, but no.
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