Can I get a paper receipt on mail?

I used 3 moblies & internet of Fizz.
I want to get the receipt of paper on mail.
If it is possible, show me the way please.


  • Follow the instruction given by M.
    The only way to have your receipt is to download them from your account.
  • This is not possible for the moment and it will never be I'm afraid.Lately more and more companies are moving out from the paper bills.
  • Just do what M say and print it ao you'll have a print receipt.
  • In future you may need pay extra to get paper bill, not now. Now you need print receipt yourself.
  • Takion
    Takion Posts: 329
    I would think going digital mean we no longer need paper receipt.
  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Posts: 2,127
    As Kenny said, you can find them on you're account under My Plans> Transaction History. More and even more companies do not send bills by mail. It's expensive (employes, printers, ink, paper, enveloppes, postal fees, etc.) and not eco-friendly. An other avantage, soon the bill is ready, you can find it on the account. No need to wait for the mailman. PDF are considered as official documents.
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