In the US as I write this, and phone calls + sms are not working at all

I just arrived in the US.
And, yep no phone calls available on my fizz service, same for sms (not working at all)
Im in trouble now with this fizz service :(


  • Sebastien
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    Do you have Qc/Can/Us coverage on your account? If you updated just before to go, it will be applied probably only next billing cycle
  • Sebastien
    Sebastien Posts: 2,145
    Look at your account, you can possibly do an international calls add-on on your account who'll take effect now, if it's the case...
  • Hello all,
    APN have been set a while ago.
    Roaming is activated
    And my service plan is Canda + US already
  • Allison W.
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    Have you tried manually choosing a different signal?
  • Weired. Maybe you need an iphone?
  • Re Allison :
    - Good suggestion, I already tried that before posting here :).
    1. I selected another provider (From AT&T to T-Mobile) --> Same issue
    2. I changed the preffered network type to 3G only --> Same issue
    Changed network type for LTE --> Same issue
    Changed network type for Global -> Same issue
    Going to *#*#4636#*#* for more network types options, same issues so far.
    When in the *#*#4636#*#* menu I see that the voice service and data is connected, but I can't place any calls or send any sms.
    It just close the conneciton with "Call ended" message on the phone app.
    Re Rose, I am in the US now for Business I will sadly not buy an IPhoune. Good try, I will never buy an Iphone anyway.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Sorry you're dealing with this problem. It sounds to me like there is a problem on the Fizz side of things--like your account doesn't have proper permissions for the Canada/US plan. Have you been to the US and had things work before?
  • Re Allison, I have never been to the US with Fizz service.
    Last time I was in the USA with that same phone, but I was with Telus ( In december 2018)
    Had no issues ;)
    Now im in California, and last time I was in the State of Washington.
    Just to keep debugging I did a network factory-reset (since I played with alot of settings when trying to fix). And well still same issue.
    So for now it's not working for me on Both AT&T and T-Mobile.
    I was able to finaly see that chat bubble, and the chat session ended by an escalation of this ticket with L2 support I guess.
    I really do hope that this is fixed before tomorrow where having a working phone + SMS will be -->>VERY HANDY<--.
    that is a very short trip to the USA and I will be leaving out soon.
  • Re M.


    Indeed I added USA coverage before the current billing cycle :)


    Still waiting for something from the support escalation... would be nice if they can fix that before I go back to canada...


    I am very disapointed I can politely say. I took US coverage because I go to US.

  • Still no fix from fizz...


    Getting pissed off now, Bough US plan and it's not working for exactly why I bough it....

  • Still no fix, that is one unhappy customer.
    I was able to finally use the chat. But they were not able to fix the issue, they escalated this.
    I am getting ready to not have phone + sms services for my stay in the US.
  • update on this.
    as expected fizz never fixed this issue.
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