Are there penalties travelling to Coverage areas?

So if I pick Canada Coverage with 4GB of data, unlimited calling and text as part of my plan and travel say to New Brunswick which is not part of the subscription area are there any penalties or downsides? Let say I go back to my hometown once a week per month. During that week I'm there will there be penalties or downsides to my 4GB of data, unlimited talk and text?
Also would I have to turn on roaming or something on my phone, and activate the fizz roaming option if this is considered roaming?
From my understanding also I wouldn't be violating the 3 consecutive month thing by being on a partner network either from Fizz right, since the majority of my time (rest of the months minus the 1 week im in NB) for each of those 3 months would still be primarily on fizz's network?
These concerns are the only thing holding me back from switching to fizz at this moment so any experienced people who can answer these from experience or knowledge would be awesome!


  • GyslainH
    GyslainH Posts: 318
    WEll new brunswick is in Canada so everything will work
    If you go outside your coverage your service will just not work,
    You just have to make sure not to use the roaming status for more then 49% of a month for 3 months straight
  • TheMMc
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    If you stay less then 3 month you will be ok. If not Fizz can suspend your account. But you will not have fee specialy if your Fizz wallet if empty.
  • no, it will be fine
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