Who can install a coax cable for remote areas in Quebec

I would like to install Internet connection for a cousin. Who can install the coax so that Fizz can be connected afterwards?


  • Fizz internet is still in beta mode and by invitation only (to Fizz mobile customers for now). When it is open for all subscribers, Fizz (Videotron) will hook up/run the cables if it's in their supported area.
  • Just pay Fizz and get VIP install
  • Sebastien
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    And even when it will be open to public (without an invitation), you'll need to be on an area deserved by Fizz. So you'll have to validate if this remote area is onto Fizz converage.
  • GyslainH
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    Pay fizz problem solved
  • if you are invited to the internet beta, you can subscribe to his address but you will end up paying for his bill... Choose VIP Installation and the technician should run the cable for him :P
  • Need videotron cable coverage, also need fizz invite.
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