Referral Bonus Question?

Where do I find my referral bonus number to give to a potential new member? Do I have to wait until my account is fully set-up and running? Thanks


  • DavidC
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    You'll find it right there:
  • If you see your referral code, it means your account is activated already.
  • M T. #338
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    Go to , ,
  • Takion
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    Very important when you give out the referral it as to be written exactly the same with capital letter if there is on you referral
  • Word of caution:
    It seems that you must ensure you enter the code manually when you activate your SIM... because sometimes the Referral code in the invitation link in the email may not be enough . So better be safe, copying and pasting just the code because you cannot retroactively apply the referral code.
  • Mine showed up almost right away. Contact Fizz if it's not there.
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