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Unable to Manage Rewards

I have an existing 100MB Reward applied to my account. I now have a better offer 500MB but I am unable to "swap" the reward. I just get a generic error.


  • Me too, I added 250MB upgrade and 500MB perk, and both are still pending. But on my wife's account when I did the exact same thing, it was applied immediately. So I contacted Fizz and it should get fixed. But clearly a bit of a bug........ ;)
  • TheMMc
    TheMMc Posts: 489
    I got the same you should contact Fizz. They have respond me that I will able to manage it next month... Time will tell me if they were right.
  • I was unable to do it on Chrome mobile , but it as work on Chrome desktop. Give it a try ? And also it will only apply to the next payment cycle.
  • GyslainH
    GyslainH Posts: 311
    You cannot remove a reward in the same billing cycle as you applied it
  • It must have something to do with billing cycles. You'll probably have to wait for the next cycle to make the swap.
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