I did not get a confirmation email, so I could not test the service. help?

I am a new member, I got my SIM card today and did the first steps. Everything seemed fine, the last page told me that after receiving a confirmation email, I would need to press a button to "Test our service".
It has been a while now and I have yet to receive an email. My laptop lost its battery so I could not press the "test our service" button, something that seemed important.
On the notifications page, it says I still need to activate my plan, even if I already did. I even but a referral code and everything.
This person seemed to have the same issue and posting a question seemed to help: https://community.fizz.ca/questions/1898748-confirmation-email
If it is any help, I am transferring my number from Virgin Mobile.
Also, unrelated: When I was signing up, I could not type the my phone's PIN, the blank box would not let me type or paste. I overcame this by typing my IMEI instead.
Thank you.


  • Loulou
    Loulou Posts: 132 ✭✭
    Did you check into your junk folder ? I received mine as junk, so maybe you too ?
  • Fahad A.
    Fahad A. Posts: 3 ✭✭
    try to test the service yourself, by calling yourself or by turning off wifi to see if you have LTE. this is what I did.
  • GyslainH
    GyslainH Posts: 319 ✭✭
    Did you get an SMS saying your serveice were ported correctly?
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