Turn fizz’s modem wifi off ?

Thanh T. #776
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Dear Fizz community
Would like to know more about Fizz’s provide Modem coda 4680
1/Does it has limited of many devices users ?
2/Does it need to disable Residential Gateway function, when you turn off wifi of coda 4680 modem?
3/ what is the advantage to use my own more power wireless router ( like Asus ac5300)


  • AG7703
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    Also interested in this question
  • Anne H. #1344
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    Here are the answers
    1) In theory, you can use 253 users ( to , but your modem will be dead if you have more than 50 or less users running in same time;
    2) If you want put it in bridge modem (disable router), that's the option you need disable. To disable wifi, just disable wireless;
    3) You have better signal and more control on your wireless network if you use ASUS AC5300.
  • M T. #338
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    Disable wifi
  • M T. #338
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    On paper Asus ac5300 seems to be better ( 3 bands : 2 x 5G and 1 x 2.4G).
    The only way to know is benchmark
  • DinoS
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    login to web and turn off wifi.