Workaround for 2FA?

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In my previous post (, most people said to switch over, but I have been seing posts from users that are having difficulties with two-factor authorisation (also called 2FA).
Asked Fizz the question on Facebook and this is their reply:
Regarding the inability to receive texts from certain companies I can assure you that Fizz staff work tirelessly to remedy the situation. The service should be fully functional in the coming weeks. Most companies offer another mode of communication. We recommend that you choose one for the moment, and we will let you know when everything is in place.
As my wife's office uses SMS from Microsoft to access VPN, will this be an issue?
Users also talked about workarounds, like a free app (I already use Fongo and TextNow) so she can receive SMS via that app (and phone number). Would that work? Any other ideas for workaround?
Thanks for the help!


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