Find friend app iphone not working?

Is it suppose to work the find friend app or not? Try it to follower or been a follower and it’s not working either way. Please help!


  • If you mean "Find my Friends" app on the iPhone, be sure that your are connected to iCloud with your Apple ID.
    Also, most people wont allow to be located and it's not activated by default, so you'll obviously don't see them.
  • DinoS
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    Also you need data connection and enable the location too.
  • ReneD
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    If you are talking about adding friends to your contact list in your Fizz account, you need to search by phone number or use the e-mail address your friend use on Fizz.
    Chizz :))
  • Yes. I was talking about the find my friend app on the iphone. I will check those tricks you guys give me and will see if it works. Thanks again for a quick response!
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