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First disappointing day with Fizz?

Kovid Posts: 567
I feel that Fizz has some misleading practices regarding the greater Ottawa region.
If you live in the Ottawa (Ontario) area, you are in the same subscription area as Quebec residents. Being in the same subscription area, you would expect Ottawa and Quebec to be in the same coverage area as well. That’s not the case. I was with Chatr for about a month and a half and decided to port my number over to Fizz to give it a try the first month and perhaps get a better plan depending on my satisfaction with the service. So I chose the Quebec coverage to start with. Well, it turns out that I can call any number in Quebec but nobody in Ottawa. I am not from Quebec and I am not a telemarketer, why on earth would I do that?
If you live in Ottawa, I was told that I have to take the Canada-wide coverage sine I am not in Quebec. Alright, since it does not clearly say so on the website, just change my plan and I will pay the $2 difference to have the Canada coverage. Fizz answer was NO. I was told that I have to put money on my wallet or buy add-ons until next cycle where I will be able to change my plan. Yeah, I have to wait for a month, before I can call my children, my wife or my next-door neighbour.
I want to share this experience with the community before I file a complaint. Any company that puts money first and customers last won’t succeed. There are so many examples in North America and elsewhere. I want to encourage the new starter and would wish them success but misleading practices won’t help.


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