When someone sends me a picture, it starts a group chat

Someone closed me thread for some reason... And the solution was not satisfactory (thanks for your help though anyways!)
When someone sends me a picture by text, it for some reason open a new group chat thread instead of just appending to the current conversation.
The solution I was given was to disable group chat and change the setting to Mass SMS... But I don't want that.... I still want to use group chat...
This was working perfectly fine with Rogers.... Until I switched over.
So is group chat and MMS just messed up?? and we have to disable it until it's fixed? When's the fix being implemented? Why are MMS texts behaving differently than they did with Rogers and Videotron (I was with them before Rogers). Nothing has changed on my phone... Just the provider.
Is this something else to add to the long list of texting issues???


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    There is a good chance that this is a new issue.
    It would be a good idea to address this with CS over the chat or a contact form.
    For the Chat :
    Log in your account and go to this page https://fizz.ca/en/faq/resolving-issues
    A small chat bubble will appear at the bottom right of your screen after fews seconds.
    Click on it, ignore the message greetings and write your issue in.
    An agent will assist you and open a service ticket.
    For the Contact Form:
    You can access the contact form from you My Profile page in your account.
    Fill in the form with your issue, a service ticket will be open and you will notify by e-mail.
    Chizz :))
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    the best thing is to contact fizz with you rproblem
  • I decided to perform an experiment to prove that it's not my phone acting up... Using my work phone which is on the Telus network.
    First I made sure to delete previous texts I sent to my work phone...
    Sent a test text from my work phone (Telus) which started an SMS conversation on my personal phone (Fizz)... and then sent a picture in the same conversation from my work phone (Telus). As you can see from the attachment... it started two threads. One SMS and another Group Chat with the picture I sent. (Videotron logo at the top)
    Deleted the conversations - swapped the SIM cards from each phone and rebooted.
    Sent a test text from my work phone (now Fizz) which started an SMS conversation on my personal phone (now Telus)... and then sent a picture in the same conversation from my work phone (Fizz). As you can see, it works as it's supposed too when I have a Telus sim in my personal phone.. Both messages went into the same thread (SMS and MMS). See screenshots (Telus logo at the top)
    This proves it's not my phone, but a carrier issue...
  • Hi Martin, this does seem to be a new bug, another person had reported the same issue yesterday along with someone else in the past. Hopefully it should be resolved soon!
    Chris P.
  • (my bad, upon checking, I see the other post was also yours, but it's been reported to do this in the past too)
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