Family Plan Pricing ?

I consider subscribing to a Fizz plan. I wonder what is the pricing if I add my spouse to my plan. Can I take the 8gb data plan and share those 8gb with her as well as the unlimited texts and talk?
How much more if I add her to my plan ?


  • DinoS
    DinoS Posts: 626
    No family plan for Fizz, its sister company V-i-d-e-o-t-r-o-n has family plan , get up to $15 off per line if you have 4 or more lines.
  • Shilgi
    Shilgi Posts: 191
    No family plan here but you do each get a 25$ referral bonus
  • Register with a referral code (search Fizz on kijiji), get $25, then you refer your spouse, each get $25.
    You can get $25 (you) + $25 (you) + $25 (your spouse) , total $75 referral bonus.
  • Shilgi
    Shilgi Posts: 191
    @Rene D that's what I was trying to say the referral bonus is for two separate accounts I guess what I wrote before wasn't clear