Why when I send SMS my contacts received the same message in repeated ocasions during that day?

Most of the time I send a SMS, my contacts begin to complain about me sending them 8 or 10 times the same message over and over again (I can assure them, I am sending it just once)


  • DavidC
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    I think it's a known bug and they're working on it. Maybe it's an APN configuration problem?
  • DinoS
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    Not on iphone. I got a message from my kid to ask me pickup her after exam this morning. She sent from Fizz.
  • M T. #338
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    You need to contact Fizz.
  • Shilgi
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    I am also having problems with SMS I cant receive some txts and cannot receive pictures
    what kind of phone do you have ?
  • This stills happens but only when receiving texts since I enabled the delivery confirmation on my phone; note my contacts only receive 1 SMS but I can receive 2 our 3 times theirs