Internet Installation Problem?

Just got modem today. Tech made sure line was good but modem not working. The 5g light blinks once on startup, but never comes back on. When trying to connect to wifi it says password is incorrect. Don't get connection when hardwired either. Any ideas or faulty modem?


  • Check the obvious as per error...password login
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    When connected hard wired, would you be able to see the status of the connection ?
    You should be able to connect to the modem with (from the browser)
    User : cusadmin
    Password : .
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    Look at the back. There is a hole, HOLD IT FOR 20 seconds and release, and it will go to factory default modem. Connect it by wifi signal "easy setup" or something like that, and do a simple configuration. It will work after.
    If you connect by wire, ip address is , user name is custadmin and password is the wifi password when you do the setup.
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    It's hitron modem. You need do the initial setup, setup the wifi password, after that, you'll see the 5G light is on. Check 'easy-setup' wifi signal and connect to it.
  • Thanks for your help people. I don't need the specialized team after all. Tech ripped the instructions and took half a page with him. Just had to do easy setup. Duh. Such a simple fix.
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    Solved it ?
  • This solved ?
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