Voice Message?

Why on iPhone where there is a new message? I cannot see indication on the Phone App, but I only receive a text message? I used to be with ROGERS and it worked on iphone


  • It's the same with android
  • Axel Q.
    Axel Q. Posts: 18
    @Johanne M: it works on my Android. Maybe your network settings are not correctly configured.
  • To make myself clear, i'm talking about the same red tag that appears on the iPhone Phone app in Red.
    As for the APN setting it was sent by default when I updated my carrier on iPhone and everything else works fine for message.
  • My email notification doesn't work either on Android. Only get SMS notification of VM. Are they planning on fixing this?
  • in my case I get an SMS that there is a new voice mail
  • TrainFood
    TrainFood Posts: 134
    that must be a bug try restarting your phone
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