Wallet continues to empty?

I put $10 in my wallet in December just to get the badge. I have a full us/Canada plan and yet my wallet is now depleted to $4 due to roaming charges. Wth?


  • ReneD
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    For my own understanding.
    Does this mean:
    1- If I have money in my wallet and use a service that is NOT part of my monthly plan, Fizz will use money in the wallet as pay per use?
    2- There is a bug in the system, where money is being taken out of the wallet when I am using data rooming, even if I have a data plan for that area?
    3- If there is no money in my wallet, I can't use a service that is not part of my monthly plan?
    Is that it?
    Chizz :))
  • Anne H. #1344
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    Last time they refund me $5 plus tax for a SIM card died in 4 days. I got as wallet credit instead, can I use it to pay monthly bill. If not , it will be used out in roaming area.
  • Jonathan C. 2531
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    Yeah, you will have to talk to them to get your money back. And don't expect it to happen quickly. I had a ticket open to get my $5 back for the same problem (incorrect roaming charges) and they closed it saying it is being taken care of but the money is not back in my wallet yet after more than a week after the notice was sent, I think. That's okay for me, though, because I expect the money would just disappear again when I go back to Ontario in a couple weeks. I'm assuming they're thinking the same thing and holding back the reimbursement until the bug is fixed. Only time will tell.
  • Adam S. 2297
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    Now my wallet looks real nice. See attachment.
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