Costumer Service??

1. they don't have costumer service !! any issue you will have in the future, no matter how important it is, there is NO COSTUMER SERVICE
2. all the costumer service with chat is just to tell you that they can't do any changes
My expirience with chat including high level of not to answer to the point when i need really help, only that they will forward to level 2, they will send an email, put a note etc. but nothing will happen. when i'm forcing to answer to the point, when will be issues solved, if there is an super-wiser to contact etc. they ignoring, plain not answering
3. 4. 5. 6. 7 . all your problems that they will not assist you
AND the no-service with chat is also very hard to find available...
I found a workaround to force it, by trying to Unsubscribe...
But after all Fizz was trying to create an beautiful service, maybe we need to offer this idea to another provider than Videotron..


  • Fizz is built from scratch with new ideas and new features. Please tolerate the bug and give them more time. You can go ahead to use other company now and come back after 6 months.
  • I totally agree, at the beginning I loved Fizz, it was cheap and I liked the idea of rewards and medals but after my first issue I realized that their costumer service is one of the worst I experienced. For me it is unthinkable for a mobile service provider to not have a phone number to reach them.
    Their stupid chat bubbles that only appear once since I'm using their services are not really helpful, and I'm suspecting that is because you're not actually talking to real people. It's funny how in one day I chated with 3 different person, all with latino names like, Raul, Christina Elena and Catalina. (By the way the only reason I was able to reach someone is also by the unsubscribe method). This is really frustrating when you need something to be fix rapidly.
    I'm only writing in the community forum because they need to do something and fast because they gonna lose their costumer base quick. I'm already looking for a replacement and if I find something in the same price range it would be bye bye Fizz.
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