If only 15 to 60mbps options are showing, will I have access to 120mbps someday ?

I know that as for now, some plans are not available in some areas. But I'm in Montreal near downtown so I guess 120mbps will be available sooner or later for my area. My question is, when that happens, will I have the 40$ price and could just upgrade my 35$ plan to that one ?


  • Max 60m now as I heard.
  • I hope the 120mbps becomes available to all soon.
  • If you are downtown, it's surprising the speed isn't available to you unless they are specifically only offering certain packages.
    If you look on videotron, what speeds are available to you?
  • I asked support that question the other day, and they pretty much said that IF it comes back during the Beta period at the discounted price, then yes will be able to upgrade to it no problem.
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