Data rollover gone missing due to change of plan, is it a scam or a serious bug?

Meng J.
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Anybody has the encountered the same issue as me?


I had the $37 8GBs data plan and by the end of the cycle, I had 4 GBs left. So I decided to degrade my plan to 4GBs cause I thought the rollover would work regardless of how I decide to change my plan according to the Fizz documents


But today when I checked my account, I don't see any rollovers and my phone have started using the 4GB of new plan data already. And strangely, when I checked the daily usage, all my December history got erased, and the overview says "You're out of data" and just 17 hours ago, it was still 4.3GB left.


So where, on earth, is the rollover data I am entitled to have??? Anybody from the Fizz team could explain?


  • DinoS
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    Contact fizz by chat. They will adjust it.
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