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Annoying Login Requests

Just joined Fizz two days ago and so far everything is working out pretty well ( phone wise ) no issues there. Was surprising seamless. The web site is a bit annoying, especially the constant pop up login requests linked to Facebook. Is this really necessary. Can I kill it ??


  • i don't get Facebook login requests, but I do have to always log back in to my account it doesn't stay logged in
  • I created a new login with my e-mail, I don't use facebook that often.
  • It does as k me to log back in once in a while as well. I do not have a facebook login.
  • AMIRA R.
    AMIRA R. Posts: 206
    If you want to even get more frustrated login in french and then try to switch to the englih forum. You will get again the login request hhh
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