Can't find any options on ''Manage plans'' tab, thus i can't get my PUK

Hello, i see all the instructions on how to find your PUK code, and they all say ''My Plans>Manage Plans>Unlock PIN'' but when i go on that page, and by that i mean when i click ''Manage plan'', i don't have any options other than ''Wallet'' and ''Add user''. I can't get my PUK and thus right now i'm stuck without a working phone. This also means that i can't edit my plan for the upcoming month either, since i dont have any options on ''Manage plan''. This is insanely frustrating.


  • J'ai eu le même problème si vous êtes nouveau chez fizz cela veux dire que vous êtes encore avec l'ancien opérateur il faut régler cela avec le nouveau Fizz .
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