I can't receive calls?

I switched to Fiz almost 7 weeks ago, when I was creating my plan I made a mistake didn't select the unlimited minutes, but it wasn't a problem cause I bought minutes, and I changed my plan but will not take effect till Dec.27, since last Dec.27 and I am having problem I can make calls but I can't receive calls, I chatted with an agent I posted on FB messenger, they said an IT will look at it and it has been 8 days now and this IT didn't fix my problem they keep saying please be patient, how much can someone be patient, that's unacceptable I don't understand it take 8 days for IT to fix a small problem like that, from where this company operate from the basement, I tried everything online and suggestion to fix this problem but none works, I don't know what to do anymore this company is a bullshit I am going to complain now to CRTC mobile complains.


  • Standard reply time is 48 hours. Just be patient.
  • Allison W.
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    If standard reply time is 48 hours, I think that's more than passed between december 27 and january 3! It should not take 8 days to fix this. I had the able to make but not receive calls when I first activated my phone with fizz, and with less time fixing this problem, it took them less than 8 days to fix it once I'd alerted them to the problem.
  • I think all new subscribers should get a look at what problems they could probably face if they were to take this service, that way they wouldnt be surprised if they faced problem like these.
  • After 9 days and answer still the same, what kind of company is this, they relaunched my ticket, why my ticket was put on hold to relaunch, What a mistake I did to switch to this company.
    I'm sorry for the inconvenient. Our specialised team is still investigating the issue you have and we'll get back to you as soon as we have a solution. To accelerate the resolution of this situation, I relaunched the ticket to the specialized team.
    I can not tell you a precised delay, but the team is working hard in order to solve the situation as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding, I am sorry for the delay.
    Have a great evening, Elias!
  • Allison W.
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    It is the CCTS that you want to file your complaint to. Charging you for services that do not work for 9 days with no end in sight is ridiculous. How hard can it be to allow calling on your account?