How to remit the payment manually once the mode of payment has been updated?

Thilochan P.
Thilochan P. Posts: 13 ✭✭

Unfortunately, my Fizz service got suspended since the payment for this month got declined due to some unknown reasons, eventhough it was a valid CC with funds available. I had to re-update the mode of payment with the right billing address.

I tested and confirmed by adding some funds to the wallet, however, I am unable to pay the outstanding balance for this month from my wallet so that my service can be unsuspended.

Fizz customer portal does not provide an option to remit the payment manually once the mode of payment is updated.

Unable to reach a Fizz customer service agent via the FB messenger to resolve this issue ASAP, since I am unable to use my phone.

Any alternative options to resolve this issue so that my service can be restored? Also how many of you agree that an option should be provided for Fizz customers to remit the payment manually when required, since their buiness model is DIY platform, where we cannot contact directly their Fizz agents immediaitely when needed urgently to resolve a problem such as this?


  • LordAlex
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    I am on the same boat. card declined corrected the problem they wont charge it again, no bubble, i tried deleting the card re-entering and nothing. I funded a wallet with 43 $ thinking maybe I could pay that way nothing. Now my account is suspended, I cant use my card to pay and 43$ stuck in a wallet....
  • Miriam H.
    Miriam H. Posts: 6 ✭✭
    I found a workaround for this issue until the problem will be solved, but it's expensive!!!
    Add money to your Wallet and it will be unlocked. but it will be charging of 'pay as you go' rates.
    and for your information, i contact them with chat 3 times today, they telling that the problem will be solved very soon. latest in 3 days.
  • elchonon
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    i have the same issue is there any way of doing it urgently are to contact them and file a lawsuit against fizz for making so much issues for there customers, there is still a lot that fizz has to fix!!!!
  • Kovid
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    Always keep in mind that Fizz is designed to be 100% online.