why can a caller i blocked leave me a voicemail? it didnt let it when i was with videotron..?

hi, i blocked a called and they still are able to leave me voicemail, it wasn't like that with videotron, how can i fix?


  • This seems more like something your phone should be in charge of, no? Unless you called in to Videotron specifically to have them block the number at the network side I wouldn't expect it to prevent them leaving a voicemail. Usually block lists just affect your specific phone. Even resetting the device could clear the block list and allow calls to come through again. Maybe some phones communicate the list to the network (if it's compatible) but I've not experienced this before so I would assume you need to contact them directly if you need a block placed on the network side. Otherwise, your phone would be in charge of hanging up on the caller which would prevent the hand-off to voicemail.
    SHERIN P. Posts: 3
    Did your issue get resolved? I have the same issue and filed complaint but Fizz didnt help at all. They said they dont have permissions to block a number. I told them its already blocked by me but I still receive voicemails. They closed my ticket.