cannot receive call error message "um1/um2 the number you are reached is not in service"

This morning I had the chance to chat with Fizz! One of Fizz support service recept me and helped me with a transfer from Koodo to Fizz that I spent almost a whole day but always fell using a contact form. After the successful transfer, my Fizz file showed that my plan is completely activated. However,  I still could not receive any calls after 2 hour. This peroid is waiting to be effect interval as Fizz service said. Afternoon I got another rare chance to chat with another Fizz support service,I followed his instruction and configured APN setting in my phone and re-boost my phone. After this operation, I surprised to find that the error message is still there but if I skip that and hold on, I can hear the dial sound. a much stranger thing is after a long dialling, my Fizz phone start to respond. Obviously, something wrong with my Fizz service, anyone has some suggestions? I have reported this issue to Fizz through online contact form, but did not receive any associated replies.


  • ReneD
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    Contact form is efficient but not fast.
    Use this link ton get the chat bubble :
    Cheers :))
  • I did not know what was happened. This morning, it seemed that the receiving a call works normal. I will verify the function of sending and receiving text. Anyway, thanks you guys' help.Hope Fizz can improve their customer support service.
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