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Why I can't receive the auth sms from Uber?

I need to activate my UBER account, but with my number I can't receive the auth code from Uber, what is the problem?


  • All short SMS like Google / Paypal / Uber etc....not work for the moment
  • This is a known issue where some users cannot receive 2FA SMS codes or account activation SMS texts from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Uber. You just have to wait at the moment while Fizz tries to fix the issue.
  • recently I got the short code sms from ONLY Amazon not Uber etc.
  • 2 months later and still no fix ?
  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,941
    It's more than 2 months, since the beginning.
  • Dont work with two step authentification on ps4! I can’t login anymore
  • Is it supposed to be fixed?
    Because I can't receive the Uber auth code and I also have the same problem with my bank (HSBC)...
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