How to unfreeze account after late payment?

Credit card payment was rejected and my account got frozen. However my credit card has been paid off the day after the freeze but I do not know how to unfreeze and pay this bill. I've updated my payment info to the same card but they have not tried to bill me again to receive the payment. I'm stuck without a working phone because there is no way to make a payment to my account.


  • Card is active, just the date they tried to take the payment my credit card payment was still pending and didnt finalize in time. Trying to contact Fizz but even though I have adblock disabled and pop ups allowed I cannot see the chat bubble to contact them on my phone. Is there any other way to contact them?
  • I found a workaround for this issue until the problem will be solved, but it's expensive!!!
    Add money to your Wallet and it will be unlocked. but it will be charging of 'pay as you go' rates.
    and for your information, i contact them with chat 3 times today, they telling that the problem will be solved very soon. latest in 3 days.