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Can't recognize a shipping address in cote saint luc, QC?

I live on ***** Your finds the address and uses it as my home address. However, it can't recognize the address for shipping. It says that it's outside the shipping zone.
How come?


  • E S.
    E S. Posts: 322
    That's super weird. You should message Fizz on the Fizz chat bubble or FB messenger to confirm the shipping zone... could be a glitch. CSL should be within their shipping zone...
  • I would delete the address as this is a public forum. Just contact Fizz support.
  • Do you know how to delete the thread? or the address?
  • My profile --> contact form , ask Fizz involve
  • Contact fizz they will help you
  • Sometimes in MTL the official Canada Post address is Montreal and sometimes it's your borough. For example, Ville St. Laurent is definitely considered Montreal, but not according to Canada Post. Maybe the shipping company doesn't recognize Cote-St-Luc?
  • Thanh S.
    Thanh S. Posts: 360
    Please close this
  • Gualberto
    Gualberto Posts: 340
    Solved it ?
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