" A gift for you: two extra months to enjoy your beta price. " Worth it?

Got an email:
We realize you may have lived through disappointing situations during our beta period. You were among the first ones to try out Fizz, and help us refine our service. To thank you, we’re offering you two (2) extra months to enjoy your current beta price*.

You’ll therefore benefit from your preferential price for a total of 5 months, as opposed to the initial 3 we had promised you.
Nothing for you to do, aside from enjoying it.

Don’t touch your plan. It needs to remain as is for its current preferential price to be automatically extended by two (2) months.
Once those additional months are over, your plan will automatically migrate to the introductory prices that are currently offered.
Definitely a good gesture from Fizz. We're enduring... For me personally it's worth it. What are your thoughts? I'm interested what users are feeling in general.


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