Any ways to beta text internet?

Any ways to beta text internet? Really liked experience with mobile and wanted to try out internet.


  • So far, as a beta tester, i can't complain. Except that Bell had changed my cable to their side in the telecommunication room at my condo. They had to send a technician over and it took 4-5 days to finally get a reply due to them being busy with the mobile outages
  • Thank you for your answers guys, I really hope to be able to test and stick with Fizz internet!
  • wow I like those prices, hope speed would be stable though
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    UPDATE: 120 Mbps is no longer offered. :-(

  • 120 is not offered so how about subscriber who had it? will they lose it?
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    @Imad S.: No, if you already have it, you will keep it and at the same price for as long as you don't modify your plan. Sorry if I scared you there. :-)
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    The internet beta is working fine and highly reccomend
  • Fizz is good :) !
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    Not anymore
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