Transfer from public mobile seemingly not going through?

Hi, just wondering whether I can track the status of a transfer.
I've activated my Fizz sim card roughly 2-3 hours ago and still no connection on my phone after having swapped the SIM cards.
I get intermittent messages saying that "sim was not provisioned", not sure what I can do.
I saw similar problems on the forum and it seemed like they contacted Fizz on facebook - I don't own a facebook account however.
Any luck?


  • Raphaël M. #1079
    They contacted me via email after filling the form telling me to contact them either via chat or facebook, I can't see the chat button anywhere and still have no facebook account.
    Not sure where to go from here, my other provider is about to shut down my account in the upcoming days if I don't renew the other contract.
  • E S.
    E S. Posts: 413 ✭✭
    If that doesn’t work - perhaps it may be worth making a FB account to message them, even if it’s a hassle...