Beta testing prices? False advertising!

I changed my plan BEFORE receiving the November 21, 2018 email which said you couldn't change your plan during the three beta months and still receive beta prices. This was not mentioned anywhere before receiving this email and furthermore, the system confirmed the price of the new plan (attached screenshot)! The system confirmed how much my new plan would cost and that it would only take effect during the next billing cycle, i.e. December 9, 2018. Sorry, NO YOU CANT CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD MORE THAN YOUR SYSTEM CONFIRMED JUST BECAUSE YOU SENT ME AN AUTOMATED EMAIL.
I even message a complaint form about this November 21 as soon as I got the email, and I was told that my complaint was submitted to a specialized team and that they would get back to me. It's not a couple of hours before my billing cycle and I still don't have an answer!


  • Ann H.
    Ann H. Posts: 226
    It's hard to find a fizz rep, vs it's very easy to deal with videotron. Fizz has long way to go.
  • E S.
    E S. Posts: 329
    They’re probably going to be quiet because this is becoming quite litigious for them. Better to say nothing until legal department takes a look... but document everything for your own sake.
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