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FIZZ need your help no MMS ?

Elyse B. #378
Elyse B. #378 Messages 19 ✭✭
OK. I appreciate the community but nothing is helping me from the answers i received. Can someone from FIZZ technical support help ASAP. I have two phones and all the APN settings are OK but they will not send or receive MMS messages. Need to get this resolved ASAP. FIZZ you guys have a phone number i can reach or just a great price ? I need this fixed or will need to go back to Virgin.


  • ReneD
    ReneD Messages 1,809 ✭✭
    Fizz is totally dedicated to web base service, it's their modo.
    Unfortunately, we(the community) are guessing they are experiencing a very high volume of new users and call support.
    It's not perfect, but look at the price!
    Your best shot is the Contact Form from your My Profile page.
    Make sure you describe your issues with as much details as possible. It will generate a service ticket automatically and you'll be answer by e-mail.
    Cheers :)
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