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  • Bonjour, Comme Mike l'a si bien dit, la seule solution est de contacter le support technique de Fizz. J'ai rencontré le même problème lors d'un transfert de numéro d'une compagnie à une autre. Cela arrive lorsqu'une des deux compagnies ne fini pas le transfert à 100%. Votre téléphone essaie de se connecter sur Fizz et…
  • That usually means that all carrier settings are currently up-to-date! You're really left with Mike's suggestion, contact Fizz support! You can refer to this article to contact Fizz through iMessage, since you have an iPhone :
  • Adding to what @Mike has said : This page might help you in your situation - Have a great day!
  • Bonjour, Pour pouvoir vous aider, vous devez nous fournir plus d'informations sur votre plan. Aussi, est-ce un problème régulier ou est-ce la première fois que ça arrive? P.S. un redémarrage du modem/routeur Fizz règle 99% des problèmes, normalement.
  • You could try two things : Contact Fizz Support - - maybe they can help you. Might not be a SIM card issue! Order a new SIM card - - SIM cards are more fragile than you'd think! It happens to the best of us! Have…
  • Bonjour! Pour pouvoir vous aider, pourriez-vous nous fournir plus d'informations à ca sujet comme : Modèle du téléphone? (iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, etc.) Avez-vous les mises-à-jour automatiques activées pour les applications de votre téléphone? Avez-vous ouvert des documents qui étaient sur l'infonuagique (cloud) durant…
  • First of all, welcome to Fizz! Just wanted to clarify the difference between the coverage zone and the subscription zone. If you look at the Coverage Map, you'll notice that the green zone refers to the subscription zone. This is where Fizz actually has its cellular towers. When you're in this zone and you look at your…
  • Also would like to let you know that currently, the 120 Mbit/s download and 20 Mbit/s upload plan is at 50$, if you're interested in switching to that one for the same price! But for now fixing your internet speed is a priority for sure!
  • I would definitely try rebooting the Fizz Modem/Router as suggested by @iAMkVINS. If your problem still isn't solved after that, you can contact Fizz through WhatsApp on the number : +1 (438) 393-5814 WhatsApp on PlayStore / WhatsApp on AppStore If you have an Apple device such as an iPhone, you can contact them through…
  • As @M T. #12340 said, the website is down. You can contact Fizz through WhatsApp on the number : +1 (438) 393-5814 WhatsApp on PlayStore / WhatsApp on AppStore If you have an Apple device such as an iPhone, you can contact them through iMessage at the following address Finally, you can also contact them through Facebook…
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  • In the "How it works" section of the Invite Friends page, it states : "When one of your friends uses your referral code during their subscription for their mobile or Home Internet service, you will each receive a $50 referral bonus on their two-month anniversary with Fizz." You should receive your 75$ credit in 2 months!
  • Thanks so much for the advice!! As you noticed, I'm brand new here...! Time limit to edit my post has passed 😭 Shall I delete it and post it again? Edit: I have created my post another time, with no referral codes. I can't seem to figure out a way to delete this one though... Here I was giving a tip, now I'm the one who…