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  • You need to have the Xbox 360S "forget" the old network and its SSID and re-detect or re-add it. As follows: Choose the "Network Settings" option and then select "Configure Network." Scroll over to "Basic Settings" Choose "Wireless Settings." Select the "SSID" option. Press the controller's blue "X" button to delete the…
  • The merchant category code is still not updated at the processor used by Fizz or the CC company. Do not bother contacting Scotia or Tangerine they cannot do anything further, I tried and they recommended we contact the carrier.
  • I was also sent the contract of another customer in Quebec, though I am in Ontario in another town and postal completely. Fizz - please post updates and a solution or mitigation. This is an alarming privacy issue and we all want the best for Fizz so it becomes a mature flanker brand. Thank you, merci Fizz.
  • Jamaica I had no issues roaming on LIME (cable and wireless co) for data. Used 5$ (Zone Latin America) add on and reception was good on the north coast. Did not end up using any voice or SMS services was only there a few days. Update - MEXICO. Was in Cancun within coverage for multiple Mexican carriers and could not get…
  • It does not show up on Visa cash back at Tangerine's parent company Scotiabank either. Contacted Scotiabank today via Infinite support we will see where that gets us. Visa and Mastercard may not have Fizz in a correct merchant category both... someone has to break the ice. If you message Tangerine too let us know how it…
  • No LTE in Orleans or Ottawa east where I checked today commuting. If you want to start looking yourselves without having to understand how the Ericsson network equipment is overlayed for Videotron and partner Rogers or checking the shared carrier tech, look up your towers in Ottawa by their MCC / MNC / LAC or help map them…
  • Really good observations Nicolas. Been using Network Cell Info Lite and some open mapping to look at our Fizz coverage and partner roaming. Not really sure where Fizz is at with the partner roaming (PRTNR rogers etc) but bouncing on and off band 5 and rogers ... or worse down to HSPA / 3G on Fizz-EXT as some are getting…
  • Gabriel, also make sure your phone supports LTE Bands as follows: Band 4 Band 7 Band 12 (optionally as it is deployed by Videotron in Outaouais) Going back through old support posts at Videotron is also helpful as some older AWS phones might have had issues on Band 4 on their network of course. What area and what phone are…
  • M H. a raison, on ne voit que l'option "Ajouter un utilisateur" jusqu'à temps votre ligne soit activé. Celà à pris 2 heures dans mon cas, j'ai reçu un SMS et un courriel Fizz et ensuite tout les fonctions avancées de compte / plan étaient à l'affiche.
  • Try entering an Ottawa address, for instance work, and select your plan after SIM activation. Then use your home address for your billing address during payment steps. You may need to delete your billing address if already entered. Ironically I did this as I had mistakenly entered my Quebec cottage address to try to check…