Is it worth it? (Current Bell Customer)

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Hey Everyone,

I discovered Fizz Internet because the past few months, I've been through hell with Bell. I tried to upgrade my internet with Bell and they keep putting incorrect orders in, and now I have been without internet for 2 days now, because of an error they made. I contacted the account manager, and it seems they do not take it seriously. Been a customer with them for 2 years and I pay $130 a month for internet.

I discovered Fizz because my neighbour is kind enough to let me use his internet for the time being. I am looking at the 400mbps download and 50mbps upload for $59.99. Can anyone give me their opinion of Fizz?

So far, in the 2 days of using it, I have had no issues and this is me using my downstairs neighbours wi-fi.

Thank you!


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