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I was wondering if it is possible to get a Fizz SIM without participating in a plan? My mom is visiting from abroad for ~3 weeks and wanted to ensure she has access to a phone. Her current phone is 'unlocked' so I was thinking of getting a SIM but I'm open to getting a cheap, basic phone as well. Any suggestions would be really helpful!!


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    Hi @Salome

    Re-reading your post, probably you don't want to create a new account, you can add multiple plans on the same account, but considering that your mother will stay here for 3 weeks, can I suggest the following

    • Buy a Fizz's SIM
    • Open a new account (I know probably you try to avoid this) you need a different email
    • Use the referral code from your account for activate the plan for your mom
    • if your mother will leave in 30 days, a couple of days after the activation, modify the plan to the min ~12$
    • When you are in the new billing cycle, close the plan

    In this way you will get 25$ credit on your first account, therefore 25-12$ =13$ gain :D


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