eSIM at Fizz in 2022???

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Hi!!! I have a question, do you know when Fizz will start to use the eSIM system???

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  • Alexis_R5P4A
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    Hi @Lubby

    It is uncertain when will Fizz ever start to use the eSIM system...

    At the moment, it is unavailable as stated in their Q&A:

    I would refer you to Customer service or a Whizz might answer back!

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9
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    Hello @Lubby, (my two cents worth), Fizz has not announced use of eSIMs. I would think they have other issues to resolve prior to implementing eSIMs. And there needs to be far more phones available and in use that accept eSIMs before adopting this technology. Likely the big players will adopt eSIMs first and then after mass adoption will filter down to the discount providers.

  • Cpt_Frosty
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    Hey Lubby,

    I totally agree that Fizz should be adopting Esim, there are plenty of phones on the market that support it as well as it being the only option for wearables/smartwatches.

    I am very heavily considering leaving Fizz to Telus to get Esim support, and the prices is pretty similar (with epd you can get 20Gb for $50 vs. $47 for my 12gb/month) Honestly it makes so much sense for me to be able to use dual sim on my main phone (S21 Ultra) instead of carrying 2 phones as well as have Mobile network connectivity on my Smartwatch.

    It just hard to leave when I am happy with the service otherwise and I have so many perks because I have been with them since public beta.

    Fingers crossed for 2022/23

  • Alice M. #6356
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    Not until Videotron announcement of something. Maybe this year but I just don't understand why they don't since almost every other offer it.


  • StefanM
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    Only Fizz knows, and Fizz doesn't tell (at least for now).

    Knowing Fizz though, they are probably already working behind the scenes. Generally they try to improve their service for their customers whenever possible. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes sooner rather than later ;-)

  • Lubby
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    Thank you so much guys for your comments and supports!!! Hope Fizz will have eSIM very soon...

  • kkl
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    I was researching about that after getting a Samsung Watch4 LTE and switched over from Telus. But Videotron seems to have no interest in eSIM, so I guess it's not what Fizz could do.

  • brouleau21
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    First, this requires server side major upgrade. Therefore the initial cost is steep for the companies.

    Second, the amount of cellular phone that supports such feature is still very limited, therfore not worth the cost... yet, unless you are overcharging the plans. This is the realm of the "normal companies with "feature" rich plans to justify the extra charges that pays for these type of developments.

    Third, fizz is a discounted service provider. These features usually arrives here last, when the cost is already absorbed by the "normal", more expensive, service providers.

    My 2 cents...

  • alex08
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    For now nothing announced. But check regularly tho, I got 12Gb plan for 36$/month. So 47$ is a bit pricey in my opinion

  • A lot of phones support dual SIMs. This includes just about everything from Xiaomi.

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