Level 6

Could you please tell me what are gifts received at level 6?


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    @Bruno N. #4486

    This is the list that has floated around for a while now:

    But like anything else, it can change at any time. Just like the point system and what earns you points and how many.


  • Alexsolo
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    I'd like to know as well. Surely someone has a list on hand with all the levels / what is added as a reward. Make sure to mark that comment as "best comment" Ill be keeping my eye out for it as well.

    Thanks for creating this discussion topic,


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    @Bruno N. #4486

    Bonjour Bruno,

    il n'y a pas si longtemps, c'était 250Mb pour celui du bonus mobilité, et si je me souviens bien, pour celui de l'internet résidentiel c'était 1$ si je ne m'abuse.

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    Hi Bruno

    I just reached level 6 and received these upgrades -

    500 MB mobile data upgrade

    $2 off home internet

    Congratulations on your level up!

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