How to change my record of voicemail?

Vu P.
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Hi there! I would like to ask how to change my recorded greeting for the voicemail please? I want to save a new greeting line for the voicemail box but I couldn't access to the menu board with the new update voicemail. Thank you so much and have a good day!

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  • Ihssan
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    When you call the voicemail its the option number 3.

    Mind elaborating..? You couldn't access to the menu. What do you hear exactly ?

    If it's just silence press 33 33 33


  • Vu P.
    Vu P. Posts: 7

    Oh wow! 33 33 surely works 😂. Thank you so much! Because normally when i open voicemail box, i will only hear for ex: "you have 2 messages" and then dead silence.

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