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Hello, is it recommended to turn off my modem if I'm away for three or four weeks? Will the modem still remember the settings once I turn it back on?

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  • Justin
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    Yes you can do that, but you have to know that this kind of equipement are built to be connect 24/7.

    Then, yes, your modem will remember the settings when you will reconnect.

    Good Luck

  • Idefizz
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    It should not be an issue for the device's integrity or its configurations.

    It would be recommended to turn it off (and if any of those matter to you):

    • to reduce idle power usage (AKA Ghost/phantom electricity usage)
    • to avoid cyber attack expositions, especially Wi-Fi
    • power surges (if you let it connected to the outlet)
    • etc

    Then again, you might have services relying on internet to work while you are away

    • security systems (cameras for instance)
    • remote access to stuff at home like a digital storage
    • etc

  • Dgjf
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    The modem dont loose anything. But , even if you close it, you still have to pay your service. But like Justin say its design to work 24h7 but i dont think closing it will dammage it. Have a nice day :)


  • Francis E.
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    Don't have to !

  • Qwertysac
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    Hello , MDL01,

    There is no harm in turning the modem off and yes it should remember your settings and configuration when you turn it back on. There is also no harm in leaving it on while you are away either.

    Essentially it is up to you. Most people would simply leave it on, but if you prefer to turn it off in order to shut off your internet connection and save a tiny bit of electricity while you are not home, go right ahead 😊 there shouldn't be any issue!

  • Dgjf
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    I dont no your situation but keep it on have some advantage too. Like acces your computer in remonte control or use your internet as a VPN when you are await. So its your choice :)

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