Fizz vs Virgin for internet?

I have Fizz for internet now but thinking of switching to virgin. What do you suggest?


  • StefanM
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    Well, that depends on your individual needs. Virgin has good service from what my friends told me. When they have a promotion they can certainly be better (price wise) than Fizz.
    Again, many factors play into it (what are your needs, how much data, where do you live) so its quite hard to give you a good recommendation :)
  • Hi
    Depends to you, like Fizz offer cheaper price I think and they are the only to give you the unused data. Fizz are also 100% online and you can really personalize you plan as you want. I personally prefer Fizz for that given reason.
    Have a good day.
  • Hi Arie, I'm currently considering a switch in the opposite direction. I'm with virgin at the moment and I'm having several issues with internet stability. I mean, the speed is good but the signal cut off pretty often. Also, I don,t like Virgin/Bell policy of changing the price out of nowhere so you have to call them to see if they have a kind of credit or discount to apply. I'd rather have a fixed price without the hassle of contacting them every 6 months. Aditionally, Virgin doesn't reward loyalty that much honestly. Feel free to ask if you need other info.
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