Does the Canada + USA plan mean no roaming charges

Does the Canada + USA PLAN MEAN NO ROAMING charges in the USA


  • MichelP
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    Yes, if you have in your plan the Canada/USA coverage, roaming is included without other charges.
    The only restriction is not to exceed 50% of your total utilisation with the Fizz network partners (Fizz ext) more than 3 consecutive months.
    If you dont respect this limitation, Fizz can block your mobile plan.
  • Émie B. #31773
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    Can we choose the provider in US like we can do with Vidéotron? (Manually select AT&T or T-Mobile
  • Gabriel L. 46478
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    Yep! You're good to go.
  • cristi
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    this is the MOST AWESOME plan of FIZZ ! take a look at the 3 how much do they charge for it !!! excellent job and thank you FIZZ
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